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How To Apply & Activate Your Diners Club Credit Card (Complete Guide)

The diners club credit card is being issued by diner club international which is a social club that requires registration for membership. The diners club membership is not open to everyone and some specific requirements need to be met before you can be diners club member. Once you're a member, you'll be required to attend the diners club meetings which usually holds on a regular basis where club members meet at specific locations for diners and discussions on certain topics. Sometimes, guest speakers are invited to the diners club meetings.

Activate Your Diners Club Credit Card

In this article, I will put you through the process and how to apply & activate the diners club card. Kindly note that once you've gotten a diners card, you'll be required to pay an annual charge fee of $95. Others charges also apply such as a 3% fee when you make a foreign transaction using your diners club card. You can either choose to activate your diners card online or by phone.

Activating your Diners club credit card online

The diners club credit comes with a lot of benefits and perks that can only be annexed when you've activated your card. Once you've been mailed your diners card, simply head over to this page. This activation method will only work for those that reside in Singapore. However, other diners cardholders cannot make use of this platform and as at the time of writing this article, there is no option to activate your credit card online for diners cardholders around the globe.

For Singapore users, once you've headed over to the page mentioned above. Simply enter the following details;
  • Card number, expiry date, DOB, mobile number.
After you've entered the following information concerning your credit card, click on the submit button to login and activate your diners credit card.

How To Activate Your Diner’s Club Card by Phone

You can activate your diners card via your mobile phone. All you need to do is to place a call to 1-800-2DINERS or 1-800-234-6377. Make sure you have your diners card with you at the time of calling because you'll be required to provide some information concerning the card in order for them to verify your identity.  After verifying your card, you can start using it right away!

In case you don't have a diners card and you wish to apply for new. Follow the steps below in order to apply for a new diners club international credit card.

Diners club card application procedure 

The diners club card is only available for diners club members. Therefore, you'll need to be a diners club member before you can apply for a diners credit card. Now follow the steps below on how to become a diners club member. The diners club membership is only open for certain countries. In fact, South Africa is the only country in Africa that is eligible for a diners club membership.

  1. Visit the diners club official site
  2. Select your country to apply for an individual Diners Club card in order to start enjoying the benefits and Privileges that applies to the Diners Club members in your country.
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