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How to Activate Your Capital One Credit Card Step-by-Step Guide

Once your new capital one credit card has been mailed to you, you'll need to first activate it first before you can start using it to make purchases. The activation procedure is usually on the sticker that comes with the capital one card. If you reside in the US, you can activate your card either online or via phone. While capital one customers that reside in Canada and other parts of the world can only activate their capital one bank credit card by phone.

Activate Your Capital One Credit Card
Once, you've received your mail which contains the Capital one card in it. Simply follow the capital one card activation procedure below.

Activate your Capital one credit card

Activate your credit card by visiting
Now you'll be required to either sign in to your account or create a new account if you're a new customer.
Make sure you have your capital one card with you because you'll need to provide your three-digits CVV number which can be found at the back of your capital one credit card.

Note that apart from activating your card online or by phone, you can also activate your capital one card through the capital one app. Don't worry I will discuss more on the capital one app below, just keep reading.

Canadian customers should call 1 (800) 655-5646 and follow the instructions provided. The card should be available at the time of calling.

How to activate your Capital one debit card

After you've received capital one debit card by mail, simply call the number attached to the mail (1 (800) 678-7820). Also, make sure the debit card you want to activate is with you as you'll need to provide its CVV number for activation.

Activate your new Capital One 360 Debit Card

When you've received your new Capital One 360 Debit Card by mail.
  • Simply visit the capital one 360 debit card homepage.
  • Sign in to your account(for existing customers) or create a new one if you're a new customer.
  • After you've logged in to your account, locate & click on the 360 checking section in your account.
  • Then click on the "Activate Card" link.
  • Finally, input the last four digits of your 360 debit card and click on the activate card button to finalize the card activation process.
Alternatively, you can activate your capital one 360 debit card via the Capital One 360 mobile app.

How to locate the Capital one bank routing number

The capital one bank routing number is a unique 9 digits number which can be located at the bottom of a capital one check slip. Sadly, not every capital one customer possess check, don't worry, I will show you guys how to locate the capital one bank routine number also called IBAN number online.

  • All you need do is to simply visit the capital one website.
  • Sign in to your account.
  • Locate the "My account" area.
  • Now click on the "Account Details & Transactions" link.
  • You'll see the IBAN/routine number there.

How to opt-out of Paperless Statements

There are two different steps one can opt-out of paperless statements. One is for a credit card while the other is for online banking. Now for credit card follow the instructions below.
  1. Simply go to your capital one account, select my info icon.
  2. Now, click on the "Update Paperless Settings." option to continue.
Online banking,
  •  Go to
  • Sign in to your account
  • Click on the "My Accounts" section and locate Preferences
  • Now click on the "Go Paperless" to successfully stop paperless statements. 

Download the Capital one App 

The Capital one App allows save you a lot of time when banking. Rather than visiting any Capital one branch, you can simply use your capital one mobile app to bank straight away. It is secured to use and pretty easy! It is available on both Google play store and iTunes. With the capital one app handy, you can do the following;

  • Pay bills
  • Receive instant notifications on purchases
  • Make a deposit.
  • You can see how many rewards you're qualified for and redeem them.
  • You can check your bank statements.
If you still need certain information concerning your capital one account, credit & debit cards, simply visit the capital one support page to learn more.  In case you have other cards that you wish to activate, you can learn more at cardactivationpro

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