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How to register a domain name for free in 2018

Creating a domain name is your first step in carving out an online presence for yourself. Most people don't know how to register a domain name by themselves and most time perceive this as a very hard task to achieve. Although, you do not necessarily need to create a domain or own a website to have an online presence. You can simply create a page on Facebook or Instagram to do just that for you. I will be dropping an article soon on how to create a Facebook/Instagram page for your online business.

However, even when you a page on top social media platforms where you display and sell your products, you'll still need to buy a domain and subsequently host your domain in order to go the next step of your business. Buying a domain name is easy although so many people sometimes find this very hard to do. Below is a complete guide on how to register your domain name and hosting it.

how to register a domain name for free

Domain name registration process

Domain name lookup/Domain Search: This is the first step you'll take in securing a domain name for yourself. The online world is such a large place where there are so many businesses with similar ideas. Chances are the domain you're about to use might've already been bought by someone else. Therefore, it is important to perform a domain search first so as to check the availability of the domain. If it is available, that's good.., If it is not... don't worry, simply search for new one but if you're so keen in registering that domain name for yourself, you can contact the current owner for a deal. If he agrees to sell his domain, that's nice but if he/she refuses to sell his domain, you'll have no other choice other than searching for a new domain name.

how to register a domain name - Step-by-step guide

I like because they can both help you with your website domain registration and also host your websites. Although, this comes with a sum I assure you that you'll find their services very ok. Below, I will be using Godaddy for the illustration because GoDaddy is the world's largest domain registrar.

  • Simply head over to
  • Type in your domain name into the search box
  • Then, click on the search domain button to continue.
  • Once the domain is available, click on "Add to cart" button to continue.
  • Next, proceed with cart.
You'll see so many options whether or not you want to add domain privacy to your domain. This feature will not make your personal information like name, email, and your phone to be shown to the public when people perform a domain lookup on your domain.

Managed WordPress:

This feature only applies to you when you do not have a hosting platform already and you wish to host your WordPress site with your domain name on Godaddy. If you already have your own hosting plan, simply click on the "No Thanks" to continue otherwise choose between the available plans(Basic, Deluxe, and Ultimate) which range from 3.99 - 8.99 pounds monthly.

Furthermore, you can also choose to create a professional custom email account for as low as 2.99/Month. Now, clean on the "continue with this option" to proceed.
You'll be a taken to a new page when you'll be required to either register or login to complete your domain name purchase.

What is a Top-level domain(TLD)?

Top-level domains(TLD) includes the following .net, .com,, .org, .info, .edu, .biz, .ws, .name, .pro, .int, etc. They are regarded as the best domain extentions according to ICANN.

Are you planning on buying expired domains?

You can look out for expired domains in case you want a quick jumpstart of your website. expired domains are domains have been in use & registered before by someone else. Most of these domains have good domain and page authority. Using an expired domain can either be beneficial or destructive. Beneficial in the sense that they have been in use before and have acquired high PA and DA.

However, some reason why some domains are expired and their owners do not renew them may include the domain may have been blacklisted by search engines especially Google. Therefore, when you end up buying such domains, your website may never be visible to the online world which is bad if you're planning to have organic visitors because they convert better than their counterparts.

You can access Godaddy expired domains by visiting

Below is a list of top domain name registration companies and host companies
  • Hostgator
  • Hover
  • DreamHost
  • Gandi
  • Flippa
I hope you now know how to register a domain name by yourself. Kindly share this article!

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