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How to perform a domain registration lookup step-by-step guide

Performing a domain registration lookup is paramount especially when you're about to register a new domain name. Most site owners usually skip this step and most time ends up in some serious copyright trouble. Buying the wrong domain name can land you in trouble especially when the names have been trademarked by someone else. Also, making a domain search prior to purchase comes with many benefits. This includes

  • To know if it is in use or has been purchased by someone else.
  • website domain search is necessary to check if the domain name you're planning to buy has been trademarked. This will save you from some serious legal issues.

There are many benefits that come with making a domain name check and these include knowing the domain availability status, know if the domain has been blacklisted by search engines, lastly to save you time & stress by knowing the status of that domain ie if its a premium domain or not.

Tools you can use to perform a domain registration lookup for free

There are many tools out there that you can use to perform domain lookup and guess what? these tools are absolutely free and require nothing from you in return to perform a domain search. Below, are some of the best tools out there to check domain availability.

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  1. whois lookup - This is the best tool to make a domain name check. gives you all the details you need pertaining to a particular domain. Whois gives you the name of the registrant, name of the domain's registrar company and URL, the domain status, the domain's creation and expiry date, domain's server etc. Recently, some domain name check may not provide the name of the registrant. This happens when the person that registered the domain paid for the privacy service package which allows his/her personal information as regard name, registrant's address, telephone number and email address to be hidden.

 How to perform domain owner lookup on

  1. First, visit the Whois's website here
  2. Input the domain name you want to perform the search on into the search box.
  3. Then click on the search icon to initiate the website domain search.
  4. There you go! you'll be taken to a page where you'll see all the necessary information about that domain name.
Now, do you see that it so easy to perform a domain name registration lookup on Note that you can do this on any device so far that there is internet connection available.

Check domain availability via Domain Name Registrars

Apart from you can also perform domain name availability first before you purchase a domain name on domain registrars. There are a lot of domain name registrars out there but i'll list some here. They include,, Flippa,, Bluehost, Hostgator amongst others. The major disadvantages you get when using domain name registrars to make domain name check is that they do not provide much information compared with Whois. Once a domain name has been taken, they will only tell you so rather than providing means by which you can contact the current owner. Although, I see this as a business strategy by making the transaction occur through them.

Other third-party websites : 

Apart from, there are other third-party websites that perform domain search for free. There are quite good as well although most of these third-party websites get their data from whois while some don't. I can't really guarantee the authenticity of the data provided by this sites. Some of the third-party sites where you can check who owns a particular domain includes;
Finally, for a detailed domain registration lookup, I'll recommend you go to for that is where you'll get all the necessary information you'll need as regards the domain name.
Hope this article answered your query? Still has some questions in mind? Type them via the comment section below.

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