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how to buy a domain name complete guide

Most business owners in recent times don't know how to buy a domain name. This affects their business online negatively due to buying of the wrong domain or doesn't know how to connect their domain name to their website. This post is designed is teach you how to buy a domain name yourself without needing to hire a domain expert to do that for you.

how to buy a domain name

Buying a domain name is the first step in putting your business online as the world is going digital. If your business is not yet online, you must have been missing a lot of potential customers and sales. Having your business online comes with so many benefits which I'll list some below;

  • It lets your customers connect with you very fast.
  • It increases your customer base and thereby increase sales.
  • Going digital will make your work easier, reduce workmanship cost and other expenses.
  • By putting listing your business online, having a physical shop is optional. In fact, most people now have online shops and don't actually have a physical shop. All they need to do is t take pictures of their products, upload it online and potential buyers would buy and order their products or contact them directly and not be needing to visit their physical store.
  • You can control your business all by yourself and guess what? it's pretty easy.
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Note that to have your business online, you'll need either an online business on either Facebook, Instagram and other top social sites or you could create a website for yourself which contains information about your business, services rendered and pricing. Now, to have a website, you'll need to have a domain name in order to look more professional in front of your potential customers. Choosing an ideal domain name is a very important process in creating an online presence for your business. This is because I've seen some business choose a domain name that does not have any meaning or relate to the services they render and this, in the long run, had a negative impact on their business.

Let's say, for example, I'm a car dealer and I want to get a domain name for my business. It will be ideal for me to choose a domain name that is related to what I'm promoting/selling. An example I choose and someone else in the same line of business chose My online trade has a better chance of making it than the other guy's business because buyers can easily understand what my website is all about just by looking at my domain name. Furthermore, in choosing an ideal domain name for your business, make sure to do the following;

The name of a website is very important to make sure your keyword(line of Business e.g car, jewelry etc) is included in your domain name. Also, to ensure the word you chose is meaning and people can easily grasp what it's all about.
Make your domain name short and simple as possible.
Once you can do all these three things I've mentioned, I assure you that you're on the right track in putting your business online.

how to buy a domain name step-by-step procedure

There are a lot of reliable domain name registrars out there but I'll recommend you use or to buy your register your domain name. The best website to buy a domain name is GoDaddy. Godaddy is the biggest domain registrar and I've registered more than five(5) domain names through them and they've never failed me for once. Below is a guide on how to buy a domain name through GoDaddy.

  • Go to
  • Input the domain name(Make sure you follow the format I taught you above) you want to register in the search box.
  • Then click on the search domain button to check if your domain is available.
    If it is, then continue the checkout process.
  • You can include some additional stuff like domain privacy and the likes just to have an extra feel.
  • So these are the various steps in registering a website domain.
You can buy domain name cheap using promo codes. Although, sometimes these domain registrars usually do some bonanza days where you can buy a TLD domain name such as .com for as low as $1.17 as I did this morning. If you are looking for where to get cheap domains you can go to to buy your cheap domain names for as low as $0.88 for the first year of purchase.

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