Trending Now - A place to download waphan games, music, music videos - Waphan is an online download site where you can download waphan music, waphan games, waphan videos and lots of other cool kinds of stuff for free. The waphan site is mainly for mobile users although web users too can benefits greatly from it. Waphan contains loads of free stuff to download from and this stuff is exclusively found only on

waphan games
Remember that waphan serves as a search engine where you can perform mobile music videos searches for free. Also, waphan boasts of having one of the largest databases of waphan music, waphan music videos to choose from. Besides, most people that have downloaded waphan videos, performed waphan music download, waphan games download, applications etc can testify to the fact that waphan provides good and high-quality media files for downloads.

Other than music, videos and music videos download, the waphan site is also known for its great repository of Android games as well as applications which you can download at no cost to your device. Below is a list of categories you'll find when you visit
  • Youtube to mp3
  • Whatsapp zone
  • Android / Java Games
  • Pictures Gallery
  • Mobile wallpapers
  • Android themes
  • Mobile movies
  • Ringtones
  • Free applications
  • Daily Horoscope
  • Online cricket live scores


What makes so different from other download sites

  1. The waphan site is so basic and has a simple interface. What you'll find on the waphan homepage is just the categories and the search box for easy navigation. Whats new? the waphan site does not contain unnecessary information that'll mislead or bore its users. This feature is regarded one of the unique features of
  2. The categories and subcategories are well listed and easy to navigate through.
  3. The search box is very visible and can be found at the top of the site. The search box allows waphan users to easily locate the files they're searching for by simply inputting their search term into the search box.
  4. Waphan has got you in check! There are free kinds of stuff for everyone either you're a music lover or a football fanatics or an ardent music videos watcher, a game and application freak waphan has got you covered. You can download all your files on free of charge.


How to download waphan games for free

Just as I've mentioned earlier, it is very easy to locate what you're searching for on waphan. You can download all types of games for free on waphan. The games featured on includes classic games, arcade, action, soccer, mind games, casino games, puzzle, racing, card etc. There are two ways in which you can use to download wapdam games.
1. By searching through the games category
2. By performing a search

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Step 1. What you'll need before you can download games on waphan.
  • Either a mobile phone or laptop/desktop
  • Internet connection

  1. Launch your mobile/web browser and go to the waphan homepage
  2. Locate and click on Android/Java games section
  3. Next, choose the section( eg puzzle, casual, educational, simulation, casino etc) that you want to download your game from.
  4. Finally, locate and click on your waphan game in order to initiate the download process.
Step 2. (By performing search)

You can perform the search to easily locate what you're looking to download on waphan. Search can be achieved by knowing the keyword of the game you wish to download. Let's say, for example, I want to download "Asphalt 8 Airborne game", I'll simply type in Asphalt 8 airborne game into the search box. Then I click on the search icon to perform the search. And if my desired game is listed on, it'll come up with the search results.


How to download waphan music and music videos on

This step is similar to the game download procedure. In fact, all the media files you wish to download on waphan follow the same download process. The only difference here is you click on the respective category of the type of media file you wish to download be it waphan music, music videos, applications and the rest.
Now, instead of clicking the games section as we did when we were downloading the game, you click on mp3 music or video and follow the download process I explained in the games download section. Also, you can perform a search as well, all you need to do is to simply input your search term into the search box and puh the "mirror-like search icon" to continue. That's all you need to know about waphan. Still having issues downloading? drop your comments below...

Important information now redirects to the website so don't fret when you notice that. It's still the same process.
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