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Download joox music app and listen to joox music online in South Africa

The joox music app is an online music streaming an application from which you can stream joox music for free. Joox app is becoming very popular in South Africa these days getting so close to Spotify. JOOX is one of the best music apps out there where users can stream their favorite songs online in high quality.

joox music app

Recently, according to some sources on the web, most South Africa are already ditching Spotify for the joox music app. The joox music app is free to use, however, it requires data for you to stream music.

Joox app was launched in early 2015 around January I think and it is owned by Tencent. Joox music application is very popular in Asia, in fact, it accounts for the largest share in the Asian music market. Using the joox app is free, although, there are paid subscriptions which comes with advanced features such as some songs are available exclusively to only premium subscribers.


JOOX Music App Features

  • The joox music app comes with high-quality streaming features
  • You get access to huge database of music online
  • You can customize your playlist, choose the type of music you want to listen to at different moods. This becomes necessary as sometimes we'll feel like listening to rock music while doing the cool night, I think RnB might be most people's choice.
  • JOOX Live is when you can get close to your favorite artists when they're live broadcasting.
  • You can share your joox music with different social media platforms like WeChat etc.
  • Feeling moody, you can search for recommended playlists that'll suit your current mood.
  • Have access to a large number of songs in the JOOX radio.

While for VIP members get access to the following benefits;
  • You can play songs on demand.
  • No disturbing ads!
  • You can stream your JOOX Music online with high quality.
  • Finally, you can download the music you like while streaming in order to listen to them offline.


How to stream joox music online

Before you can start streaming joox music, you'll face having to download the app either from Google play of iTunes or the joox app APK itself.
  • Once you've downloaded the joox app. You can go to Artists, playlists, Karaoke or Radio to begin with.
  • When you click on the playlist and its empty, you can add a new playlist, you can search for music that you want to stream, or you could search recommended playlists.
Also, you can go to the JOOX Top Charts, check the songs that are currently topping the list, click on them to stream as well and if you're VIP member, you could download for online use.
Furthermore, you can also head straight to the JOOX Radio where you can listen to over 50 JOOX radios and listen to the songs that are currently airing.


How to download the joox music app on your device

The joox app is available for Android and iOS users and you can download it from their respective play store.
Download the Joox music app for Android here. Follow this link to download the joox app on iTunes.
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