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How To Install And Open APK Files On Your Android Device (Tutorial)

Most Android users have met with me personally asking me how they can open and install an Apk file on their device. Although I told them how to do, I'm still not satisfied with it, I mean isn't blogging about enlighten people about things there seeking knowledge of. One thing is for sure, there are a lot of Android users out there, therefore, many of them would also be facing this Apk issue. So that was what prompted me to blog about so that it will go out to the masses both locally and internationally.

How To Install And Open APK Files On Your Android Device

Before we get started, I will like to explain to us what an Android Apk file is. An Android Apk file is simply a file format in which Android devices use to install software on an Android OS. It comes in a.APK format. Try it today, rename a document which was initially in.DOC format to a.APK format, you will see that your device will automatically think it's an application or software and hence tells you to install it.

Now that we know what an Android APK file is, let's know how to open & install it too..Shall we?
Know that you only get to install APK file when you're downloading outside of Google play store and other trusted stores. We usually call this websites "Third-party" websites, there are not always trusted so do research first before downloading anything from them. This is because most of this third-party websites are usually infected with malware which in turn infect your Android device with a virus.

How to install APK file on your Android device

First, go to APK mirror, then look out for an APK file of your choice and click on it to download it.
P.S Before you can install an.APK file on your Android device, you have to first enable "Accept third-party apps". To do that follow the steps below;
  1. Go to your Android's menu option
  2. Then click on settings > security
  3. Finally, tick the "unknown sources" option. P.S: This option allows you to install apps and APKs from a third-party website.

I will implore you to install ES file explore, this app allow you to find files(categorized) on your Android device example Images(134), Music(323), APK files(893), Documents(2154).

Go to the "APK files" section, find the.APK file you're looking for then click on it to install it. Hurray! You've successfully open and installed yours.APK file.

Extracting APK File of Any App on Your Android Device

 Do you know that you can extract an APK file from any app that has been installed on your device then transfer it to another Android device to install? Well, this is one of the reasons why I like using Android devices simply because of its flexibility. So as I was saying, before you can extract an APK file from one Android device to another, you must to first install an APK extractor program. You can download this "APK extractor app" from the Google PlayStore. Simply search for it then click on it to download.

The file manager section: Although most Android phones come with a file manager by default but some don't. So if your phone don't have a file manager, don't worry, just go to Google PlayStore to download one on your phone.

To extract a particular file:

First, open the Apk Extractor application, then select the application that you want to extract. It will show you various information about the app, just select the "Extract dAPKs" section.
Then go back to your file manager, locate the folder where the APK Extractor stored the file. P.S; By default, the folder is usually called "APK Extractor".
So then click and hold the folder to see share options. If your device does no bring out share options, don't worry just make use of top file sharing applications like "Xender" and "Flash share" to send the folder to another Android device. That's it! You've successfully extracted a file from one Android device to another.

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