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Hitwe - Discover New Friends on Hitwe Chat- Hitwe Dating Site | Hitwe Sign Up

Hitwe is a free dating site where you can hook up with over 100 million users all over the world. Most people are already enjoying been on dating sites as it helps one to meet other people around the world, learn their culture and way of life. Hitwe just like Tinder sets the platform for different people around the world to interconnect with one another. It allows you to send messages to any profile you like. Hitwe dating site is free although there are in-app purchases. The developers of hitwe really did a good job by making sure hitwe dating site is a trusted one, it is devoid of scammers and other online fakes. It possesses a very nice design and user-friendly template amongst other benefits. You can also send your images and GIFs to your chats. One thing I like about the hitwe dating site is that after you've signed up, you can start sending messages right don't need to wait for a match before you can start reaching out to people you like.

Hitwe Dating Site

Unlike other dating sites, hitwe is free to use. Hitwe is gradually attaining popularity among teenagers and young adults. It currently has between 10,000,000 - 50,000,000 downloads on Google play store. The Hitwe app runs on Android 4.1 and above. It was last updated on October 3, 2017, and it is rated 18+ on the Google play store.

Hitwe Sign Up | How to Register on Hitwe

You can register on hitwe either via the online platform or mobile application. I will put you through on how to sign up on hitwe on their online platform. 
  1. First, launch your mobile/desktop browser and make sure you are connected t the internet.
  2. Visit to get started
  3. On getting to the site, you'll be told to either sign in or create an account. 
  4. Click on "Registration" to begin. 
  5. Input your name, email, password, gender, and age in their respective fields and check the "I'm not a robot" box to continue.
  6. Push the "create account" button to complete the signup process.
  7. Finally. go to the email account you provided to confirm your email address by following the prompt message contained in the mail sent to you by email.

To make the hitwe sign up process faster, you can do that with your social accounts either Facebook or Google+

All you need is to either click on the Facebook or Google+ icon to begin. Then input your Facebook or Google+ credentials to sign up. 

Hitwe app Review | Benefits You Get By Creating An Hitwe Account 

The hitwe app is free to use. You get to meet new people around the world, make new friends and even meet your other half in the process. Hitwe supports six (6) different languages including English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese and Rusian thereby eliminating the language barrier to a great extent. Since the major reason, most people create an hitwe account is to discover new friends and to carve a possible romantic relationship. The hitwe app is here for you! you can play popular game one hitwe, it's termed discovery game that lets you get matched with other people that have similar interests as you. Also by "Liking" someone's profile, it provides the platform for a possible friendship relationship. The hitwe app also comes with an inbuilt feature that lets you find people in the same city with you with the possible aim of hooking you guys up.  

Hitwe Login | How to Sign in to Your Hitwe Profile

You can sign in to your hitwe profile either via the web platform or through the hitwe app. You can perform the hitwe login action either by signing in directly or via the social media account which you used to sign up for hitwe. 
  1. To login via the web platform, go to to begin.
  2. Locate the "Sign in" button at the upper right corner of the hitwe website homepage. You can also sign into your account by clicking on the "Login" button in the middle of the site where you'll be required to enter both the email address and password you used to sign up on hitwe.
  3. Finally, click on the "Sign in" button to access to your hitwe profile.

Have you forgotten you hitwe login details? don't worry..hitwe has got you covered. Simply click the "Forgot password?" link. Input the email address you used during registration and that's all.
Go to your email address and click on the "password reset link" sent to you by hitwe. Choose a new password and you're all set to retrieve your hitwe account.

Discover People Online on the Hitwe Dating Site

When you're online on hitwe, you get to see other people that are online as well. You can play the discover game so that you can get matched with people with the same interests as you. Most of the online users at hitwe are majorly from the United States so get ready to meet & make American friends. Your hitwe contact number should be the one you're currently making use of so that when someone likes your hitwe profile, they can easily reach out to you.

Hitwe App Download | Download the Hitwe Apk

The Hitwe app is compatible with Android, iOS and windows phone. Most people want to install the hitwe app so that they can have an easy access to their hitwe profile. The hitwe app contains adverts and there are also in-app purchases too as well. Other than this two things I've mentioned, the hitwe app is very easy to use and it has a very user-friendly interface. 

  • Android users can download the hitwe app on the Google Play store by following this link.
  • iOS users can get the hitwe app on iTunes here.
  • If you want to download the hitwe apk instead based on reasons best known to you, you can follow this link to do so. Although, I will advise you to download the app from trusted sources like the Google play store and iTunes. This is because apps gotten from third-party sites often contains malware. So be careful while installing the hitwe Apk file. 
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