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Waptrick is a site where users can download all the kinds of stuff they require on their mobile phones. Waptrick offers a wide range of services from mp3 download, waptrick music, waptrick games, wallpapers, mp4 videos, horoscope, ringtones. is one of the top sites online to download free kinds of stuff. The site is so broad that they bought other similar sites like, etc. All these sites redirects to portal.

Most waptrick visitors come to the site to download their favorite mp3 music and music videos. Although, a lot of visitors used the waptrick game or waptrick app to come to the site. In the waptrick site homepage, users can perform various tasks like;

  1. Downloading their favorite waptrick music or waptrick songs
  2. Install waptrick game on their Android and Java phones.
  3. Download waptrick music videos
  4. Install the waptrick app
  5. Lastly, perform "waptrick search" to quickly locate what they've come to the waptrick site for be it mp3 songs, games or mp3 videos.

Waptrick Music | Perform Waptrick Mp3 Download Task

You can download your favorite mp3 music and music videos on waptrick free of charge. In fact, is one of the online portals where users get to download mp3 songs, music videos, song lyrics all for free. When on the waptrick music portal, users can perform the following tasks;

Waptrick music download
Download waptrick music videos
Install waptrick songs
Listen to waptrick mp3 music
Waptrick free music download

Users can even upload their favorite mp3 songs, videos, games on waptrick. I will discuss this below, just keep reading. Now, to download music on waptrick, you'll need to follow the guidelines below on how to download free waptrick music.

First, go to, some people used to do the mistake by mixing with www waptrick com. Although, its the same site but you need to add the full stop(.) in between the waptrick and dot com.

Secondly, use the waptrick search box so that you'll easily locate your desired waptrick mp3 song. To do this, input the keyword of the music you want to download on waptrick. For example, I want to download a Mr eazi song, I can just type "Mr eazi" in the search box and it will give me so many waptrick music Mr eazi songs. Now, you can choose the precise Mr eazi song and click on it to begin downloading the mp3 file. You can also choose the file type you want to download ie high quality or low quality. I will implore you to download the high quality waptrick mp3 songs so that you'll really enjoy it. Do you now know how to perform a waptrick music search and download? I am sure you do...

You can download virtually all type of music genres on waptrick. Be it pop, jazz, Naija music, waptrick mixtape. You'll find it on waptrick. To download other music genres of your choice on waptrick, you can perform the following search;
  1. Waptrick mp3 Naija - For Nigerian Mp3 music.
  2. Waptrick music instrumental
  3. Waptrick music naija
  4. Waptrick Nigerian highlife music
  5. Nathaniel Bassey - For the gospel music lovers.
  6. Nigeria gospel song
  7. Wizkid new songs
  8. Waptrick one corner music - For the now reigning "one corner" song in West Africa.
  9. Ugandan mp3
  10. Waptrick Ugandan mp3 songs
  11. Ugandan gospel songs
  12. You can even download the Ugandan National anthem on waptrick
  13. Waptrick Ugandan latest music for the now trending music in Uganda.

Waptrick Free Upload Feature

You can send media files like songs, games, videos to waptrick. All you need to do is to contact their admin. Their email address is  To send a file to waptrick, for instance, a new song. Visit the waptrick homepage, locate the email link and send the music details to the email address. The details should include the name of the song, artist, the download link to the song, the song lyrics and you're good to go. You can send your favorite mp3 songs, music videos that you want to feature on waptrick by using this format. You can perform waptrick music upload for careful so as not to go to the wrong sites thinking its

Waptrick Games

You can download almost all types of games on the site. You can even download top games like pes 2017, Zuma games, zombies games, waptrick Rambo game, waptrick real football 2012 game.

There are so many categories o games that are featured on the waptrick site. Below are some of the categories that you'll encounter when you visit the game section of
  • Arcade games
  • Racing games: Here you can find top racing games like need for speed, asphalt.
  • Action games: The famous waptrick Rambo game is in this category.
  • Soccer games: You can download the PES 2016 and PES 2017 under this category.
  • Mind games: You'll see interesting mind games like "Chess" here.
  • kid games
  • Platform game
  • Classic games
  • Casino game: Top games like Blackjack can be found downloaded here.
  • Movie games
Users of Java, Nokia, Andriod does not have any problem downloading games on waptrick. In fact, waptrcik is specifically made for Java and Android phone users to download their favorite games, mp3 music, music videos, themes, ringtones etc for free.

Top games trending now on waptrick include:
  • PES 2017
  • PES 2016
  • Need for Speed
  • Konami games
  • Keypad gamesPool game
  • Waptrick Rambo
  • Real football 2012 game
  • Waptrick Racing Java games
  • Symbian games
  • Zombies games

Waptrick App | Download Java & Android Applications on Today!

There are loads of apps available on to choose from. Java apps, Android applications, Symbian apps are the most sought-after apps people look for on waptrick. The waptrick application category has so many apps that you'll like. The problem is will not be what to download but rather the MB to This is because there is so much to choose from thereby making it hard for waptrick users to make up their minds n the applications to download thereby invariably download so many unwanted apps. I will advise you to know the Java, Symbian or Android application you want to download before heading to the site otherwise you'd end up downloading apps that you don't actually need presently.

You find so many applications on waptrick like;
  1. Bible app
  2. Hausa dictionary
  3. Internet applications
  4. Opera mini
  5. Jersey creator app
  6. Java dictionary
  7. Love SMS
  8. UC Browser app
  9. Vidmate app
  10. Whatsapp app download
  11. Youtube application and so much more...
Go to waptrick to download your favorite mp3 music, music video, games and appliactions now! Drop your comments below and don't forgrt to share this article to friends!

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