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LastPass App Review: LastPass Sign in | Use The LastPass Chrome Extension on Your PC

The LastPass app offers a password manager service in which you only need to create and remember one LastPass master password which you'll use to access all your favorite sites. Aside that, LastPass makes life convenient for you by saving all your login information like username and passwords. LastPass was developed my LogMein in 2008 because web crime is on the rise. With LastPass on your side, be rest assured when carrying out your online activities. LastPass is a cross platform app that works on almost every operating systems.

LastPass App Review: LastPass Sign in | Use The LastPass Chrome Extension on Your PC

Are you tired of having to fill your login information every time you visit a new website that ask for it? Don't worry because LastPass has got your back! All you need to do is to have a LastPass master password. To make things easier for you, you can also include your credit card details and your online profile information. By doing this, you would not be required to input your card details and others whenever you visit an online retail store or other sites that require such.

LastPass App Features

  1. LastPass allows you so many things online ease free! Below are some of the benefits you'll enjoy when you've registered on LastPass. 
  2. LastPass benefits include:
  3. It gives you a stress-free experience when accessing websites and other online retail stores requesting for your credit card information.
  4. It has a free version but if you want more features, you can opt in for the paid version where you'll be able to have access to 1 GB of encrypted storage space on the cloud and so much more.
  5. You can use your LastPass account information everywhere you go.
  6. LastPass also have extensions which is compatible with browsers such as Chrome, Moxilla firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Opera. The extension allows you to enjoy the LastPass app benefits on your computer.
  7. LastPass is free to use on your phone, PC, tablet etc.

Accessing The LastPass website | LastPass Sign in

You can access the LastPass website on your PC by visiting
The LastPass website is very user-friendly and it has a very simple interface thereby making it easy for people to easily navigate through the site. While on the lastpass site, locate & click on the red "Get LastPass Free" button which can be found at the upper right corner of the site's homepage. For Windows users like i am, if you're using a chrome browser, you can either click on the "Quick install" button which is red in color and the Lastpass extention will begin downloading or you can click on the Download icon under the "LastPass for Chrome (Full version)" section. The minimum requirement needed is for your PC to be running the Chrome 18+ browser on your PC.

If you're not using chrome browser, you'll see several options to choose from such as:
LastPass Universal Windows Installer: This installer installs the the LastPass extension for the browser installed on your PC be it Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. PS: Make sure you're running the recent versions of these browsers for it to be able to run smoothly.
Firefox users can click on the Download icon in the "LastPass for Firefox" section for easy download. Kindly note that by downloading the LastPass for Firefox extension, you'll be able to use it on Firefox-based browsers like Mozilla.

Users of Opera, Maxthon, Sesame, etc should click on their respective sections to begin downloading the LastPass extension on their browser.

Aside from this, LastPass also have a "LastPass for Applications" which automatically fills your login information on desktop-based applications.

There is also a LastPass pocket which allows you to access your LastPass vault when you're offline. Although, all LastPass tools have offline support, this is specifically made for offline use.

Log in To Your LastPass account | LastPass sign in

To be able to access LastPass features, you must've created an account on the LastPass site. Below are the steps in order to login to your LastPass account. 
  1. First, go to 
  2. Look for the "log in" icon. You can find it in the upper-right corner of the LastPass hmepage.
  3. Click on the link and you'll be taken to a new page where you'll be required to input your login information such as Email and password. The email must be the same with the one you used when registering on the site.
  4. Have your forgotten your login details? simply click on the "Forgot Password?" link and a new page will open where you'll fill in your Email address(The one you used during registration). Then check your email address, click on the message sent to you by LastPass and follow the prompt message.

LastPass For Mac

It is very easy and quite straightforward to use LastPass. All you have to do is to download the "LastPass Universal Mac Installer" which can be accessed at this link.

The LastPass Universal Mac Installer is the one i recommend for Mac users because it is very secure 
and with it, you can install the LastPass web installation for your web browsers. 
Also, you can download the "LastPass Mac App" on your Mac laptop. It allows you to quickly look up sites by simply making use of the "Shift + Command + L" command or by using the "quick search" icon.

LastPass For Android

You can download LastPass on your mobile device either by visiting the Lastpass website and navigating to the "Mobile" section which is under the "Get LastPass Free" portal and input your email address under the mobile device section that applies to you. After you've input your input in the email box provided, click on the "send" button to receive the instalation link in your email address provided.

Secondly, Android users can easily download the LastPass app by simply downloading it from the Google Playstore  here. No need to search for it, just follow this link to download it directly into your Android device.

iOS users can access it on iTunes by simply visiting the download link here.

Download LastPass today and save yourself the Drama of having to input your login details every time you visit a website. Hope you enjoyed this article? Don't forget to share this article to friends...

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