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KeePass Password Manager | KeePass Download | KeePass Android

KeePass is a freemium password management software which runs on the Windows OS. With KeePass password manager at hand, you'll not be required to memorize all the passwords you've used in several websites. Keepass will help you keep your passwords securely i.e by putting them in its secured database which you can only access with one single master key. Nowadays, there is just so much stuff to apply online ranging from online retail sites, messaging sites, other casual sites and it is advisable to shake up your passwords a little bit in order not to have a generalized password for all your applications. By doing this, you tend to lose counts on all the passwords you've used or may have even forgotten some passwords you used to register at some certain websites. This is when KeePass comes in handy, it saves and backup all the passwords you've used in applying at several websites so far in a secured key file which you can only access with a special master key. That's it! all you need to memorize is just that single master key and you'll have access to all your passwords.

KeePass Password Manager | KeePass Download | KeePass Android

Now the question you'll likely ask will be.. is Keepass safe to use? Well, i'm not really a security expert or a cryptographer of any sort but i can tell you one thing for certain. I have been using KeePass for some time now and it has never failed me. Put your mind at rest because the KeePass database is secured with the top encryption system like Twofish. Just like LastPass, KeePass also stores your other login information apart from the password, it can store your usernames, card details, and other login information.

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KeePass works with a huge number of plugins and it has a have a password generator system which offers a two-factor authentication mode. KeePass is free on desktop and you'll be required to choose between the KeePass Professional Edition or KeePass classic Edition mode.

KeePass Download

  1. Go to in the URL of your browser.
  2. Locate and click the "Downloads" link at the left sidebar of the KeePass's homepage.
  3. It will redirect you to a new page where you'll faced with two versions of KeePass to choose from.
  4. The versions includes; KeePass 2.37: This support certain OS such as Windows vista, Windows 7 professional, 8, 10 either 32 or 64-bit. It also support Mac OS, Linux etc.
  5. The KeePass 1.35 support basically almost the same operating systems as the 2.37 version with the exceptions of Mac OS, Linux and BSD. Most times it displays a smart screen warning but KeePass has assured us that there is nothing to be afraid of as the installer is devoid of virus and malware. 

KeePass Features

  1. It helps keep your password safe.
  2. It is completely free of charge and contains no hidden charges!
  3. KeePass has a very strong security system and it makes use of the AES encryption to encrypt the passwords stored in its database.
  4. You can either import or exports your password in different formats like .txt etc.
  5. Keepass conatins a KeeForm extension which makes Keepass users be able to open their favorites sites using Internet explorer and the likes.
  6. It is very portable and you can even carry it on a USB stick which you can install directly on your Windows PC.
  7. With just a master key, you can decrypt a database of your passwords.
  8. It can even help you generate passwords based on certain criteria like patterns etc,
  9. KeePass supports over 40 different languages including English and it also provides its users with plugins which they can use to enjoy advance KeePass features.

Keepass Android | KeePassDroid

The Keepass Android version has a very friendly interface just like the desktop version of Keepass. You will need to add all your passwords manually to the Keepass database. Although, this can be quite stressful, i'll recommend you do it so that you don't get to forget some of your passwords. If you're finding it difficult to form/create a password, you can have the Keepass Android app create one for you and stores it. One major disadvantage of Keepass is that it does local syncing with top cloud storage platforms like Google Drive, OneDrive etc.

Download the KeePassDroid from the Google playstore here

People new in the whole scenario of password manager tool and having to store their passwords on the cloud. I'll recommend you read the KeePass FAQS before making use of it as they will guide you extensively on how to go about using the password manager tool. There are many better password manager software out there but i think the developers of KeePass have done a great job considering the fact that the KeePass password manager software is entirely free of charge to use. I'm sure many people will be scared to use KeePass given the reason that it is a open-source software, but i tell you today that, due to the open-source status of KeePass, it has a great deal of complexity and effectiveness and for sure secured.

Do you have a better password manager you'd like to share? I'll be happy to hear your comments below.

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