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AirDroid: Learn How To Access Your Android Device on Web Airdroid Today

AirDroid is an app that serves as a remote access tool for Android devices that allows users read notifications, text messages and access various files which are originally in their Android phone. The AirDroid application can be accessed via a standard web browser on your PC. The app is currently making waves as the amount of downloads keep increasing, last i checked, it has gone between 10 - 50 million downloads.

AirDroid: Learn How To Access Your Android Device on Web Airdroid Today

Features of The Web AirDroid | AirDroid Web

Below are some of the features of web airdroid. Although, this is not all the benefits that comes with using the Airdroid app, i can authoritatively say that these are the major benefits the airdroid app have to offer. 
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  1. It allows users read and send messages from the web.
  2. You do not need any USB cord in order to access your Android device
  3. You have access to install or uninstall applications via Airdroid. 
  4. You can see the amount of internal of internal memory left on your Android device while on the AirDroid web.
  5. It has a very simple interface. This means that newbies will not find it difficult accessing the site.
  6. You can access files from your Android device via the Airdroid web.
  7. It allows you to access your tablet or android devices via the web or wireless at absolutely no cost!
  8. You do not need to root your device or download Android emulators in order for you to make use of popular messaging apps such as WhatsApp via AirDroid web.

Major Shortcomings of Using The  Web AirDroid 

According to report published by zimperium which is a foremost security company in the US. The company stated that AirDroid relies on insecure connections and this may be detrimental to AirDroid users as they are left pen for an attacker/hacker to have his way into their device their sending malicious or phishing files to them and at the same time have access to their confidential information like contact's info, passwords, contacts, messages etc. The producers of AirDroid has since accepted the fact but the problem is, the recent versions of AirDroid web and applications still have that flaw. Therefore, i will advise you users to use the AirDroid app with caution as your information may be passed or tampered with while on the app.

What is AirDroid App? 

AirDroid app is an Android application that allows you to transfer and read files between your Android device and your PC. With the AirDroid app at hand, you can view sms, notifications sent to your Android device right on your PC. This allows you to do without your Android phone at times due to the fact that you can easily access its contents via Airdroid web. Android users can download the AirDroid app from the Google playstore and start using it right away. 

Android users can download the Airdroid application on Playstore by clicking this link.

Other features of AirDroid includes;

  1. You can backup and also sync your mobile phone photos into your PC.
  2. Users can send, share and receive messages & contacts via the Web Airdroid.
  3. Using the Web Airdroid, you get to use your Laptop/PC's physical keyboard to type messages while chatting or sending messages rather than the usual virtual keyboard of Android devices.
  4. It also has a feature called AIRLME which allow the web Airdroid users use their PC's keyboard while chatting or sending message on their phone without connecting it via USB cord.
  5. It can also be used to boost and clean phone memory.
  6. Lastly, the makers of AirDroid have announced that you can use the Airdroid web to locate your Android device when its lost or misplaced.
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Find the AirDroid app interesting? Download the app today and start enjoying its benefits alongside  the AirDroid web.

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