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Shareit App - Shareit App Free Download | Shareit Apk | shareit Android

Shareit app is an application that allows users transfer files to each other via wifi connection. The Shareit app is one of the file sharing applications now in the market that allow its users send varieties of files which includes songs, videos, documents, Apk files, contacts, pictures among others. With the shareit app, it is very easy to send large files within minutes! Before the advent of this type of application, people find it quite difficult sharing large files over Bluetooth because it is time consuming ( It can even take up to several hours before you can send a 100 MB file). Apart from the shareit application, there are other apps offering similar services which includes the likes of Xender, Flash share, Zapya, SuperBeams, Share Apps etc.

Shareit app
The Shareit app was created by Lenovo  that allows Android, Windows and iOS users to send files to one another using wifi connections.

Shareit App Features

I must confess, Shareit app is a convenient way to share files to friends. Although, the file recipient must also possess the shareit app before he/she can start receiving the files. The app is completely free to use and it does not contain malicious files. Some of the features of the shareit app includes the following;
  1. It is a fast way to send large files to friends.
  2. Shareit is completely free and easy to use.
  3. No data is needed in order to share files.
  4. It is a cross-platform application i.e it can be used among two different type of devices. For instance, the sender can be an iPhone user while the recepient can be an Android user.
  5. It allows one to share all types of files (photos, documents, videos, songs etc) without restrictions.
  6. It also has two in-built services called "control" and "CLONEit" respectively. The CLONEit services is used to replicate documents, messages, music, applications, and other files.

Shareit app free download - How to Download The Shareit Application

Like i said earlier, the Shareit app is available to Android, Windows and iOS users which means that it can be downloaded from their respective playstores. 

  1. For Android users, the shareit application is available in the Google playstore. You can follow this link to download it from the Google playstore.
  2. iOS users can click this link in order to download it from iTunes.
  3. Lastly, windows users will need to install the shareit Apk directly since they do not have a playstore. Although, it is usually dangerous to download Apk files on the web as most of them usually come with malware files. However, i've researched on the web and i've found the best source to download Apk files that are devoid of phishing and malware data. So windows users can be rest assured whilst downloading the Shareit app on their device. Click this link to access the Shareit Apk file and your download will begin immediately.

Shareit for PC

Shareit app also have plans for PC users, it is with great delight that i tell you today that you can also use the Shareit app on your personal computer and you do not require any emulator to start using it. That means you can share files right from your PC to another Pc without needing USD cable to achiee that. With the Shareit for PC application, Windows users can send files worth of gigabytes at great speed that cannot be achieved using USB cable. You can also use it to send files from PC to your mobile phone. 

Things you can do with the Shareit for PC App

With the Shareit for PC platform, you can send files directly from your PC to your mobile phone. Apart from that, it has some pretty cool features that i'll share below;

Remote viewing feature: This means you can remotely search and share your PC documents via your phone without needing to go to your PC. This feature is helpful when you're currently far away from your PC and you needed to use or send a file on your PCto someone, just grab your mobile device, use the Shareit app to search, view and send your document straightaway!

You can backup your mobile phone pictures into your PC with just a single click. Also, you can use the Shareit app to control your powerpoint presentation slides right on your mobile phone.

Having issues using the Shareit app? Drop your comments below and don't forget to share this article to friends!

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