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Hulu is another American online video streaming subscription service that serves millions of online users wjth thousands of movies and Tv shows. Hulu offer a variety of online services to its online customers ranging from Tv series, movies, shows etc. In order for users to start watching movies in the hulu site, they have to first subscribe to a plan. Hulu subscription cost ranges from $5.99 - $39.99 . The Hulu plan has a 30 days free trial and its subscribers can stream movies on their devices, get unlimited access to the Hulu library which may come with commercials. Also, they get to stream complete seasons of top tv series, kid shows, top movies etc. Furthermore, the hulu plan subscribers can switch between the hulu plan and the Hulu with live TV plan.
Watch Hulu movies | Hulu shows | Download the Hulu App
The Hulu with live subscribers can watch live films online either on different platforms which includes: Android or iOS devices, Fire TV, Chromecast, Roku, Apple TV and the Microsoft's Xbox. They also have full streaming access to the online library, hulu shows, movies, Tv series and kid programs. They also get to switch their subscription plan at any point in time. Hulu with live subscribers also have access to over 50 top movie channels which include but not limited to news channel, sports and the entertainment. can be compared with the likes of top streaming sites like Netflix and the likes. Streaming movies online has just got better with hulu, the hulu platform is very secure and it doesn't go down like Netflix. Registration - Subscribe for a Plan Today

On getting to , scroll to start your free trial section of the site, by clicking it, you'll be redirected to a new page where you'll see different subscription plans to choose from. Below is a brief description about the 3 types of subscription plan available at the hulu site.

No Commercial:  By subscribing to this plan, subscribers can watch complete season film episodes, kid movies, favorites movies on hulu, top classic films . Also, this plan contains no commercials therefore making you to enjoy your streaming without interruptions. When you subscribe to this plan, the first month is completely free of charge! and your billing start from the second month at $11.99 monthly.

Limited commercials: This plan too allows its subscribers enjoy full access to complete movie series, kid shows, top movies on hulu, hulu favorites, etc. The only disadvantage of this plan is that commercials is present and they'll at times just frustrate you. It goes for $5.99 monthly. Aside from the commercials, it is quite a good plan to go for considering the charge and the advantages you get to enjoy while subscribed to it.

Hulu with Live TV( BETA): Members enjoys unlimited access to over 50+ channels (sports, entertainment and news among others). The first week on subscription is free and it goes for $39.99 on a monthly basis.

Hulu Login - Sign in To Your Hulu Account

Most users of do not quite know how to perform the sign in action, althogh it is an easy task to perform. To sign in to your hulu account, follow the procedures below.

  1. Launch your browser and go to
  2. Locate the sign in icon which is situated at the upper right corner of the hulu website.
  3. You can either sign into your hulu account by inputing your account credentials( ie email and password) or you could sign in with facebook.
  4. To sign in with facebook, click the facebook icon, a new window will open, if you've logged in on facebook already you're good to go, if otherwise, input your facebook login credentials then push the log in button.
  5. Now, you'll be signed in to your hulu account where you'll be able to start streaming your favorite videos.
If you've forgotten your hulu log in details, simply click the "Forgot your password/email?" link and you'll be redirected to a new window when you'll be asked to input the email you used to register your hulu account. Then click on the "send me a reset link" button to continue.
Go to your email if its Gmail or Yahoomail, then click on the link sent to you by hulu and follow the prompt message.

Download The Hulu App For Better Enjoyment 

If you're using Android or iOS devices, it will be adviseable for you to download and instal the Hulu app in order fr you to have easy accessibilty to your hulu account. Also, the hulu app is just a click away from your hulu app rather than going to in order to access your account. With the hulu application, you'll also be able to stream your favorite TV shows, kid shows, classic action films etc. To download the hulu app, follow the link below that applies to you.

  • For Android users, you can download the hulu app from google play store here
  • iOS users can download the app from iTunes here

Stream Hulu Shows, Hulu Movies, Hulu TV Online

When hulu was first introduced in 2007, people could stream videos online for free. Although it comes with ads commercials. recently, hulu have changed their free streaming to subscription. Now, you have to subscribe to one of hulu plans first before you can start streaming on hulu. Hulu has a wide variety of entertainment stuffs to offer ranging from episodes of season movies, classic movies, kid shows, Tv shows etc. You can stream reigning TV shows live on hulu if you've subscribed. Just like Netflix, the movies & Tv shows on hulu are original ie hulu is not like those sites showing and encouraging pirated contents. On hulu, you can watch a variety of movies to choose from, this movies include Korean movies, Japanese, English and American movies. You can stream Anime movies on hulu too.

Watch Hulu live TV

The Hulu with Live TV( BETA) allows you to stream cable channels on your hulu account. This channels can be local or regional. I like the Hulu with Live TV( BETA) because you can stream different channels on HD in your convenience. You dont need to go to your TV before you can stream live TV on hulu, you can watch live channels right from your Android or iOS device.

A List of Good Shows on Hulu you can Enjoy When you Subscribe

Just like i said before, hulu offers its subscribers a lot of good shows to choose from. This shows are ideal for relaxation especially when you just came back from work. Below is a list of Good Shows on Hulu you can watch when you sunscribe to a plan.
  • The Handmaids
  • The Mindy project
  • The Path
  • Party Down
  • Future Man
  • 11.22.63
  • Castle Rock
  • Casual
  • Shut Eye
  • The Housewives
  • Hard Sun
  • Runaways
There you go, subscribe now to start watching these programs on Find this article helpful? Don't forget to share it to friends! Also, i'll like to hear your views on hulu.

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