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Flash share - Download flash share for Android

The flash share app is a mobile application that allows two devices share files extremely fast. Before apps like flash share, Android users usually have problem sharing large files to one another using Bluetooth. Trust me with Bluetooth you c an send a 5  MB file for almost 3 minutes or more. When flash share was first introduced, people didn't believe what it can do so i'm gonna tell you what flash share is and what exactly does it do.

flash share for Android

Flash share app is available for Android, Windows phone, iOS users. It allows you to share large files quickly...i mean its pretty fast. Imaging sending a 1 GB file using Bluetooth? i can imagine how devastating that can be be, but don't worry with flash share, you can send a 1 GB for less than 6 minutes! isn't that fast? yes, it is....

Flash share App - Getting Started

To begin using the flash share app, you have to find someone else that have the app as well so that the two of you can share files. Now, to join or connect with someone, when you launch the flash share app, click on the connect with friends icon, it will first scan for devices then you can now pick and join the friend you want to share stuffs with. After doing that, a wifi connection will be established automatically then choose the media files or apps you want to share and send it to your friend by shaking your device.  You can also do group transfer, this method involves more than two persons. All that is required is for the devices to be connected to one device (the sender - the person that'll be sending out the files) and you're good to go.

How to install files sent via Flash share

Now go to your device's file manager. click the flash share folder and search for the file/app that you want to install. Before installing, you have to tick the section that allows you to install file from third party sites, so just check the "unknown source" which can be found under settings. Finally, install your app!

Download the Flash share for Android

Android users can download the flash share app on the Google playstore. Below is the detailed steps on how to go about it:

  • Make sure you're using a device that have internet connection, launch your browser ( preferably chrome) or you can just launch the Google play store app to get started. For those using chrome, the download link is here
  • While for those using the Google play store app, just search for flash share app using the "search icon" and then click on it to begin the installation process.

How to download the Flash Share Apk

Although flash share comes pre-installed with most android devices, some people may not have it on their device or it has been deleted one way or the other. Before i continue, below are some of the features of flash share that i think you might like to know;

  1. You can transfer different kinds of files ranging from .cab to .apk on it
  2. It is extremely fast and it supports cross-platform sharing of files.
  3. It comes with its own file manager
  4. It uses wifi which means that the two phones does not necessarily need to be kept close.
NB: The Flash share app is the same as Xender app so don't be confused.

Download the flash share apk on mediafire via this link

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