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How to find my phone location using android device manager

Misplacing your Android device can be devastating especially when one have not make plans to getting a new one soonest. Android users can rejoice as their device comes with an in-built feature known as the "Android device manager" which is located within the Android device's settings. Recent studies have shown that 1 in every 3 persons have lost or misplaced their phone at one point in their lives. Sadly, man is not perfect and there are so times when the mind is not just in its best.

find my phone location using android device manager
IMAGE SOURCE: Android device manager
Most Android OS usually have the Android device manager by default so check your phone's settings and make sure you've enabled it otherwise ones your phone has gone missing, there is no chance of you locating it unless its a miracle!

How to Enable Android device manager

Go to your phone's settings. Then locate security, under the security, you will see "Android device manager". Endeavor to tick the "Remotely locate this device" option. By doing this, you've allowed Android device manager to track your device and to tell you the exact location of your device once you search for it on Google.

Take note: Also tick the "Allow remote lock and erase" option too in order to protect your phone's data should case it got stolen or misplaced.

Tracking your phone using Android device manager

You can track your lost device accessing Android device manager via two ways;
  • By downloading the Android device manager app on another device that you want to use to track your lost phone
  •  By visiting the Android device manager's site which is, after the site has load, log in with your Google account credentials( It must corresponds with the one on your lost phone in order for you to be able to track it).

Incase you have signed in on so many android devices, look for the one that is missing in the list. Remember that you can only locate your device if you've turned on your location on your missing phone. If you've done that, then i guess you're set to go. 

The next step is to locate your device on the map. The precise location of your phone may be slightly inaccurate giving the quality of your device's GPS signal received by google. However, if google is unable to locate the precise location of your device, it will display a red circle ( Which means the area in which your phone is).

Ring your phone using android device manager

This is one of the unique features of android device manager, you can use it to ring your device in case you misplaced it and its within the vicinity, you can simply request for your phone to ring by tapping the "ring" icon. By tapping the ring button, your phone will ring fr approximately 5 minutes in its loudest volume. So if its around, you'll definitely see it.

Lock device via android device manager

Oh well this feature is also handy and it is used when the phone is nowhere to be found. Afraid that the phone might have been stolen, you can lock your device by changing its password. Also, you can display a message and your phone number on the lock screen should in case someone with a good heart finds it, he/she can locate you via your phone number or the message you've displayed on the lock screen.

Erase Phone Data

This is the last option you have and it is only done when you've lost all hope of ever finding your device. In order for your information and personal data not to get to the wrong hands, you can erase all your phone data via android device manager. Know that once you've erased all its data, you can no longer locate your device again. 

Just so you know, i lost my Android device too sometime ago and i used the Android device manager to erase its data. I hope you will be able to locate your device and not having to erase its data. How was your experience? Kindly drop your comments below...

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