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How To Use The Google Assistant on Your Android Device

Just like siri and alexa are owned by iphone and Amazon respectively, Google too have its own virtual assistant called "Google assistant". The Google assistant can do a variety of tasks which include but are not limited to the following such as  send messages, scheduling and organizing events for you, searching the web, launch applications, it can answer your questions concerning weather, it can access your music playlists and photos etc. Google assistant is available in a range of devices running the Android Marshmallow and Nougat operating systems.

How To Use The Google Assistant on Your Android Device

Enabling The Google Assistant on Your Android Device

Before you can start making use of the Google assistant on your Android device, you have to enable & set it up first. To do this, you have to push home button on your Android device for a while or you could say "ok Google". A new window will coming up saying "meet your personal Google Assistant". Now, for the first time users, you need to enable the Google assistant feature by pushing the "continue" button and giving Google assistant permissions to use their email and applications when you tap "yes, i'm in" on the next screen. You will also be required to activate Google voice feature by simply saying "Ok Google" simultaneously for 3 times.

How to Customize Your Daily Briefing on Google Assistant

With Google assistant, you can get daily reports and news that should help you get going with the know what i mean? However, everybody has their own individual preferences as to what they would like to hear and remember. The daily briefings comprises of daily weather forecasts, daily news (You can customize your news source),your schedule and meetings as well as calendar. To configure this feature to your taste, you can follow the steps below on how to customize your daily briefings.

  • First you need to press the "home" button for a while until the Google assistant window opens.
  • Then tap on menu icon which can be found at the upper-right corner of the of the page.
  • Then locate settings option, click on it and tap on the "my day" option as well.
  • After you've clicked the "my day" option, you'll see a lot of things to either include or remove in your daily reports.
  • Now tick the ones you want to include in your daily briefing and uncheck the ones you'd like to remove.
  • After setting up your preferences, you can test run all that you've customized by telling Google assistant to "tell me about my day" and you'll be briefed based on what you've set.

How to Change The Google Assistant's Sources To Your Preference

Like i mentioned earlier, you can listen to news from your Google assistant. How is this possible? The google assistant picks up news from trusted sources such as CNN and co and it narrates it to you. All you need to is to say "Ok Google, listen to news" and it will start narrating you the news for the day. To change your news preference( i mean the sources), simply follow the steps below.

  • First you need to press the "home" button for a while until the Google assistant window opens.
  • Then tap on menu icon which can be found at the upper-right corner of the of the page.
  • Then locate settings option, click on "news" this time around, click on  "add new news sources".
  • Tick the news channel you'll like to be listening to. 
  • Next, tap on the back button to arrange them on the order at which you want to be listening to their news.
  • Thats it! you're all set to go.

How to change the name the Google assistant calls you

By default, the Google assistant has been programmed to call you by your first name( As it is in your Google account). Many people have their unique name that their loved ones call them and if you want the  Google Assistant to start calling you that too, you have to change your name preference under settings. If the Google Assistant window is already opened, follow this progression in order to set your customized nickname.

 Tap the settings button>>>personal info>>>nickname. Then, edit your nickname and click ok.

Google Assistant vs Siri

Both Google assistant and Siri can both perform basics tasks like ( Setting up meeting, calendar, checking daily weather forecast, setting up alarms and also checking time) pretty well. Google Assistant has an edge over Siri in that it is available to both Android and iOS users while Siri is only limited to iOS users. When both apps are asked to take pictures, Siri will only open the camera but it will not snap a picture while Google Assistant will fully respond to your command. Judging by their response time, Google Assistant responds fast way more than Siri and otheer virtual assistant out there.

Google Assistant Commands

I will give you a list of Ok Google commands that i find very handy. With these Google assistant commands, you will be able to change your nickname, set alarm, make calls, launch any app, set reminders, send messages, translate languages, start a conversation, get directions on google map, check your emails, play games etc.

  1. To make Google Assistant recite a poem for you, simply say "Ok Google, recite a poem and it will recite you a lovely poem by a renowned poet.
  2. Allow Google Assistant sing a song for you by simply saying "Ok Google , sing a song" and you'll have for yourself a song.
  3. Make Google Assistant set a reminder for you, simply say "Ok Google, set a reminder for my birthday anniversary"
  4. To make Google Assistant send text message to someone on your behalf, simply say "Ok Google, send text message to (recipient's name), and then dictate the message you want to send.
  5. To play a game, simply say "I'm bored" and you'll be amused at what you'll see.
  6. You can also flip a coin by simply saying " flip a coin".
  7. You can also listen to a motivational quote just by telling Google assistant "Ok Google, say a motivational quote".
The list is just endless! You can do almost anything with Google Assistant. If you enjoyed this article and you have your own tricks to share, kindly do so using the comment section below...And also don't forget to share this article.

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