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ToxicWap is a mobile site filled with loads of Full mp3 music, Android Games, Mp4 videos, Tv series amongst others. is so common amongst Android users because it offers its services for free. While on the toxicwap website, users get to carry out various actions like toxic wap song download, choose and download their preferred songs through toxicwap music albums etc. The toxicwap site is so easy to navigate thereby making it for its users to easily find what they're looking for in no time. This being said, there are six major categories you'll find when you visit and they include;

  • Music category
  • Videos
  • Images
  • Ebooks
  • Android Games
  • Toxicwap series
  • Toxic movies
  • Ebooks

Furthermore, is free to use, meaning there are no hidden charges when you download any of its content. This is why i myself does all of my downloads on also with its easy to navigate interface, users need not start searching the entirety of the website before they find what they're looking for. For instance, if it is mp3 music that you want to download from toxicwap, you only need to click the music category and navigate from there.

Download Free Mp3 Music On ToxicWap | Toxic Wap Song Download

Do you know that you can download your favorite mp3 music on ToxicWap? Yes, you absolutely can!. To get started, you need to go to the toxic wap website which is, then locate the music category on the website's homepage. There, you'll see labels like
  • Toxic music search
  • Mixtapes
  • Soundtracks
  • Albums
  • Music search: Here, you can search for your favorite music for free.
  • Psychedelic & Goa
  • Upload your music: This section is for an artist, you get to upload your own music on toxicwap absolutely free of charge in order for people(your fans) to download it.
  • Electro House
  • Section for the upcoming artists
  • Hip-hop BET for 2016
    Having seen all this, now you can make your toxic wap song download in no time!. Kindly note that toxic wap updates there is website regularly so don't expect to see any stale song there. By updating their site, they're simply proving to you guys that they're up to date and thus do not play with their visitors' wants. Now, go to today to start downloading your favorite mp3 songs today.

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    Download ToxicWap 2016 Movies | ToxicWap Movies 2017 Download

    This section is for the movie lovers(myself inclusive). I download all my movies from toxicwap because they have a large database of movies to choose from including 2016 & 2017 top movies. To download a movie on toxicwap, simply click on the "movie" category to get started. From there you'll see loads of trending movies to choose. In case you did not see the movie you'll looking for on the first page, you can make use of the search button and input the keyword of the movie you want to download. Here are examples of movies that you're likely to meet on the portal;
    • Life 2017
    • The drowning
    • The Northlander
    • The space between us
    • Stasis
    • A storks journey
    • War Machine among others.

    Download And Watch Your Favorite TV Series From TV Series

    For those of you that love series movies, well toxicwap has got you covered by adding the toxicwap series category to their website. Just simply click this "toxicwap series" icon on their main homepage to access all your favorite TV series in real time. Also, toxicwap updates their server on a daily basis so as to be on point when new tv series comes out. When you get to the toxicwap series section, you will notice that its the latest tv series that you'll find on the homepage but not to worry if you did not find the particular you're looking for on the first page, you can always perform a search action in order to quickly access your preferred tv series to download. Although toxicwap does their best to keep on track with the latest happenings, you may not find the particular tv series you're looking for but that probability is usually 1/10. Below are samples of tv series episodes you'll find in the toxicwap series section.

    • toxicwap game of thrones season 7
    • toxicwap game of thrones season 1
    • toxicwap game of thrones season 2
    • toxicwap game of thrones season 5
    • toxicwap empire season 3 episode 5
    • toxicwap empire season 4
    • toxicwap empire season 3 episode 2
    • toxicwap empire season 3 episode 10
    • toxicwap empire season 3 episode 9
    • toxicwap empire season 1
    • toxicwap power season 3
    • the flash season 3 episode 12
    • toxicwap flash season 3
    • toxicwap the flash season 3 episode 13
    • toxicwap the flash season 1
    • toxicwap the flash season 3 episode 10
    • toxicwap the flash season 3 episode 14

    How To Download Android Games And Applications On ToxicWap

    Game lovers will find toxicwap very useful i the terms of quality games they provide. In, you can download various types of games which include;
    • Card game
    • Chess
    • Board games
    • Chess
    • Action games
    • Funny & gambling games
    • Mind & IQ games
    • Casual games
    • Arcade and Adventure games

    Do you now see that there is virtually nothing you can't find on toxicwap? They've got you covered from Android apps to mp3 music, movies, themes, and Tv series etc. When you visit you'll then be able to confirm all these things aforementioned. Now to download your preferred Android applications & games, follow the steps below;
    • First, you need to visit toxicwap website which is
    • Then navigate to the Android( to download apps) or Android games(to install games) section and click on the icon
    • For Android games, you'll be taken to subcategories of games which I've mentioned above.
    • Now, choose any category of your choice and search the game you're looking for.
    • In the case of Android application, the step is almost the same but differ in te sense that instead of seeing different games categories, you'll only be faced with 2 options which are; Android Stand-Alone Games & Games with Data Files

    Difference Between The Android Stand-Alone Games & Games With Big Data

    The significant difference between them is that for the games under the Android stand alone games section, the games are contained in one file and after installing them you can start playing them right away while the games that fall under the games with big data category comes in two(2) files which are .obb and Apk files. This games are usually of higher quality than those of the Android stand alone games and they also consume large space on your device.

    My Verdict On is a good site to download free stuff on your Android device and from experience, i think its one of the best sites out there that users can download quality movies, songs, games, themes, TV series for free! Enough of my words, i think it's high time you try it yourself and give me feedback. Your comments are welcome and don't forget to share this article with friends and stay subscribed to in order for you to start receiving quality articles like this right in your mailbox.

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