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Solved: Learn How To Unlock Your Phone Using Android Device Manager Today Without Hustle!

Before now, so many Android users have been coming to me telling me to teach them how to unlock their Android phones using the Android device manager(ADM). I did help them personally but later I realized that many other Android users are facing the same issue also! Likely reasons why  unlock their Android phones includes;

In the situation where they've forgotten the lock pin of their Android device.
Another likely reason is there have forgotten the unlock pattern of their Android phone.

How To Unlock Your Phone Using Android Device Manager

These situations aforementioned may be quite devastating as we need our Android phone for so many things like calling, keeping up with various updates, messaging, getting latest information around us, work etc. With all these I have mentioned above, I'll simply conclude that our Android device is a much very integral aspect of our life and hence we cannot go a day without it by our side.

Furthermore, personally, I think the reason why most people enter this situation is simply when their protecting their privacy like pictures, contacts, personal information, etc and cannot afford this information getting to the hands of strangers. Hence, a lock screen is required to keep that private, I totally understand where there is a need for us to secure our privacy as cases like online theft, hackers, and others are increasing every day.

Therefore, below us, I have crafted a perfect step in which you can follow to unlock your Android device using the Android device manager. Follow the steps carefully as they are simple and easy to understand.

How To Unlock your Android Device Using The Android Device Manager

Here is a quick guide on how to unlock your Android device straight away using the Android Device Manager(ADM) to do so. 
  • The first step - Using your Android phone, PC or tablet. go to Google's Android device manager's website using this link.
  • Log in using your Google account, kindly have in mind that, it is the Google details that you stored on the phone that you're required to use.
  • Next, you'll be taken straightaway to the Android device manager's interface where you'll need to select the particular Android device you wish to unlock. Note: Sometimes, the device would've been automatically selected, if not, just select one and continue.
  • Choose the "Lock" option.
  • After doing that, a new window will pop up, pick and enter a password(You can copy down this password in case you find yourself in a similar situation next time.)
  • Then click on the "Lock" option once more.
  • If the operation was successful, the following buttons(Lock, Ring, Erase) will surface just below of the screen.
  • Then, you'll be required to enter the password you entered in the previous step. After doing this, just wait as this process should unlock your device straight away.
  • Finally, you need to go back to your Android settings menu>>>Security>>>screen lock>>>Disable the password you used during the unlocking process.
Now, you're done!, your Android is alive once more....
You can now go on with your everyday activities. I want to also answer other incoming search terms pertaining to phone lock in this blog post below...Stay back and relax.

Download The Android Device Manager App

To get things done quickly, I will advise you to download the Android device manager app from the Google play store. With the Android device application installed on your device, you can locate your lost device, do some great things like unlocking passwords and lock screens with it. Download the Android device manager from the Google play store to have a taste of this great benefits above.

How to unlock Android Phone Without Google Account

Most people feel the only way we can unlock our Android device is by using Google account alone. Although, some part of it may be correct but it's not entirely true. Do you know about toolkit? You can use the toolkit to remove your Android screen lock without needing a Google account along with the way. With toolkit at hand, you can do and unlock a variety of things on your Android device like Password, screen locks, fingerprints and others. Download toolkit here to get started. Note: It does not mess up your device and does not contain any malware of such.

How To Unlock Android Phone Without Factory Reset

  1. To do this, you're required to first switch off your Android device.
  2. Then press both the "Volume up and volume down" simultaneously.
  3. Switch on your device and hold the volume up button firmly.
  4. You'll notice that a secret interface will appear instead of the normal home screen.
  5. You can navigate to up or down by pressing the home button.
  6. Now, you continue by selecting the "delete user data option".
  7. Wait patiently while this operation is being carried out.
  8. Once it is done, your phone will automatically restart without showing "lock screen" again.
That's it! you've successfully unlocked your Android device without having to do a factory reset.

How to disable your lock screen with pattern password disable

  1. First, you need an SD card for this step as that is the medium in which you can transfer a ZIP file into your device. So follow the steps carefully;
  2. First things first, install the pattern password disable APK on your PC here
  3. Transfer it to your Android device's SD card. Then put the SD card into your device.(See why you require an SD card for this step now?).
  4. Then reboot your phone into recovery mode.
  5. You'll also be required to flash the ZIP file and then reboot once more.
  6. Now, your device should be able to come up without displaying the "Pattern locked screen".
  7. In case you're faced with a locked screen telling you to input your PIN or pattern, just enter a random PIN or pattern and your device should unlock with ease. 
Note: Follow this step carefully for you to get your desired result. Also, you can check out this article for more detailed steps on how to unlock your Android device
Having troubles? Comment below and I will reply back ASAP! Also, don't forget to share this articles with your friends using the "Share buttons" below. Have a nice day and do come back often for more...

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