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How To Generate A New IMEI Number For Your Android Phone Using IMEI Generator

People have been asking me to tell them how to go about tweaking the IMEI number of their Android device simply for network benefits purposes. In this tutorial, I will teach you guys all you need to know on how you can generate a new IMEI number for your Android device. The steps are easy and I don't think you can get lost while tweaking your device. Before I go any further, I will like to enlighten you guys on some of the benefits you receive when you change your phone IMEI number, although I know you guys know about it which is why you're here on this site. Well, the benefits include;

Generate A New IMEI Number For Your Android Phone Using IMEI Generator

After you've tweaked your Android IMEI number, you're able to enjoy exclusive data offers from the various network operators in Nigeria such as MTN, GLO, AIRTEL and the likes...
  • For Glo users, you'll be able to enjoy the Glo 3GB BIS monthly plan for #1,000. 
  • In the case of those using MTN, you get to enjoy free data of sorts after you've recently tweaked your device IMEI number to a new Android device just launched in the country. Note: The company must be endorsed by the network service. This is the way it works, most network operators in Nigeria affiliates with top Android phone manufacturers thereby adding incentives like data to the phone if you buy it.
Now let's get the party started, follow the guide below carefully for you to be able to successfully tweak your device IMEI number using several IMEI generators.

Steps In Generating A New IMEI Number For Your Android Device

Step 1;
Before we go any further, you need to download and install mobile uncle app on your device. You can download it by clicking this link.

Basic requirements your phone must have included;
  • It must be rooted.
  • It must fall under these phones categories; Octa-core MediaTek devices, Mtk6589 phones, MtK 65xx phones. Quad core MediaTek devices, mtk6582 phones.
Now let continue, after you've downloaded and installed the mobile uncle apk using the link above. Launch it to continue.

  •  Important: I will advise you copy down your current IMEI number first in case things does not work as planned. 
  1. Also, you can backup your device current IMEI number using the IMEI backup restore.
  2. Click on the "Engineer" option.
  3. It will take you to model then Engineer mode(MTK)
  4. Swipe your fingers to the right side and locate the "Connectivity tab".
  5. Then, click on the "CDS Information" to continue.
  6. It will show you the Radio information asking you to choose between phone 1 or 2, this is due to the fact that most Android device comes with two(2) sims. "Phone" basically means "Sim" here.
  7. Input: EGMR=1,7,”New Sim 1 IMEI” or EGMR=1,10,”NEW SIM 2 IMEI” and then click on send Command option.
  8. Hurray! you've successfully gotten your a new IMEI number for the youir device by tweaking your device.
  9. The final step, Reboot your Android device and check if your phone's IMEI number have changed by dialing *#06#.

Step 2

Generate A New IMEI Number For Your Android Using IMEI Analyzer

This step is quite simpler than the one above. To perform this step, download the IMEI Analyzer application here.
  1. Write down the first 10 digit number of the device type IMEI that you want to tweak.
  2. Then add any four(4) random numbers to the 10 numbers.
  3. Launch the IMEI analyzer that you've downloaded and copied the 14 digits number that you've formed into it.
  4. Tap on the "Analyze" button.
  5. When you click on to analyze, a valid IMEI will be formed automatically adding the missing last digit to it making 15 digits altogether.
That's all! You can now begin tweaking your preferred device.

Step 3

Using The Terminal Emulator TO Tweak Your Android Device IMEI Number

This is another valid step in which you can tweak your device IMEI number to get a valid one.
  • The first thing you need to do is to download the Terminal Emulator here.
  • Open and launch the terminal emulator application to continue.
  • Then input "SU" then tap on "Enter" to go straight to the "Superuser(root) permission.
  • After you've done that, type the below command;
  • Click the enter>>>>> echo ?AT +EGMR=1,7,?IMEI_NUMBER?? >/dev/ pttycmd1 or echo AT+EGMR=1*7*IMEI_1 >/dev/ pttycmd1 for Android device using one sim.
For those using dual sim, type the below code;
enter>>>echo ?AT +EGMR=1,10, ?IMEI_NUMBER? ? >/dev/pttycmd1

That's all you need to know about changing the IMEI number of your Android device. In case you need any assistance, don't hesitate to drop your comments below. Also, don't hesitate to share this article with friends today!

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