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Fix issue: Android Apk File Not Installing(Tutorial)

Android "apk file not Installing" situation is common especially when the application was downloaded from a third-party website. No matter how many times you try to re-install the application APK, you'll still get the "app not installed" error message. So many people have complained to me concerning the issue why is why I've decided to blog extensively about the topic.

 Know that this error message doesn't just occur out of the blue, it's probably due to some default settings or internal configuration of your Android device. I will highlight below some of the common factors that cause "Android apk file Not Installing" situation.

Android Apk File Not Installing

List of possible causes of “Application not Installed” error message

  1. The number one possible cause why you Android says "Application not installed" is due to insufficient space. When you've used up the memory space of your device, the message usually arises when you're trying to install a new app that has a larger file more than the available space.
  2. Number two cause is due to corrupted APK file from third-party websites. This is the major problem most Android faces after downloading an APK file from an untrusted website. The APK file could've been corrupted whilst downloading it from the site.
  3. Another major cause is the APK file location when you download an APK file and you place it in the wrong location like for example some apps if not all like to be installed first into the phone memory. Then after installing it, you can now move it to wherever you want it to be. But some Android users usually ignore this warning and thus download it straight into their SD card path. Hence, the error occurs...
  4. When your phone memory or SD card has been corrupted, you tend to see this error message when installing an Android APK file.
  5. Also, when you're trying to install an APK on an SD card that has been mounted maybe from a laptop, there is no way the app will able to be installed on that SD card.
Now, you've known the possible problem that could make an app not installed on your Android device. So let's take a look at some of the solutions I think could be able to solve this problem. These solutions have been mapped out specifically from our tech experts here at which are 90-95% sure that it will solve this "App not installing" issue that your Android device faces.

Solutions to the Application not Installed error message

  1. Android tips: The first thing you need when you're in a situation like this is to turn off or reboot your phone and wait for some couple of minutes before switching it on back
  2. If you badly want to install this app and don't know what to do? Simply free up some space by deleting some obsolete apps and APKs on your Android device.
  3. Another solution is to visit the menu > Settings > then click on apps > click on "All" > then press the menu key where you'll see the "Reset application permission" option, click on it to reset your Android's app preferences.
  4. If the problem is location-based, then you have to move the apk to the right location before you can have it installed on your device.
  5. When the problem is from your SD card, try formatting it so that it will clear off all the corrupted files within it. Tip: Backup your important applications and documents first before doing so.
  6. Lastly, this is usually the last solution i recommend to people facing this problem. The ultimate solution is to factory reset your phone. Or you can also put it back in recovery mode.
Another archaic method you can use to solve this problem is by rebuilding the app  with Lucky Patcher. I'm sure you must've been asking yourself how you'll go about that right? Well don't worry the team here at Infotechmagna has got you covered! Follow the steps below on how you can rebuild an application with Lucky patcher. Note: For you to be able to carry out thios action successfully, your Android device must be rooted.

Basic Requirements

  • A rooted device
  • Have an ES file Explorer installed.
  • Have Lucky Patcher also installed on your device.

Ok lets get started now, launch and open your lucky patcher app

  1. Click on the "Rebuild & install" button.
  2. Find the .APK file of the app you want to rebuild.
  3. Then click on the "Rebuild" icon. ALSO, Tap on the "Apk with changed permissions and activities" section to continue.
  4. Then click on "Rebuild the app" button which can be found below.
  5. After you've clicked on it, wait patiently for some time for lucky patcher to do it's job.
  6. When the apk file has been rebuilt, the apk file will be placed in a new path, remember the path so as to locate the apk while accessing Es file explorer.
  7. Locate the path in Es file explorer and open it.
  8. Finally, when you've opened the app, click on it to install.
Voila! You have successfully rebuilt and installed your application.

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